Scuba diving in barbados! Simply Awesome!

I recently got the chance to go scuba diving in Barbados and it was an incredible experience. I was able to bring all my own scuba gear which I found online in an awesome Scuba gear sale along, including my dive computer. There was so much to see in the ocean it was hard to believe! We saw big schools of fish and even some sharks which is always cool for a scuba diver to see. I love spending time in the ocean and having friends who are scuba divers means I get a lot of chances to do it on most of my trips! here is a video someone in my dive group made to show us all under the water!


There were lots of shipwrecks around a and we even got to swim through some of them. I loved seeing a huge sea turtle and big eels. I am glad I brought my own scuba gear with me and was glad to have recently bought my wrist computer after . It certainly helped me feel more confident while diving.

scuba diving in barbados

The food in Barbados was amazing and when we were not swimming in the ocean, we were stuffing our faces Hahaha. I even got to try some swordfish and it was amazing. I love all the hot sauce there and the chefs didnt dissapoint. I am happy to have made some new friends on my scuba diving trip and I am going to try and keep in touch with them through facebook! This is another great tool for any traveler and I always have a place to stay thanks to meeting other divers on the road. Hopefully reading all about my adventures is motivating you, or should I say Motive8’ing you to get out there and explore for yourself. Just rememeber to bring your scuba mask and fins and you will be all  set to have a beautiful tropical vacation in all the exotic locations the world has to offer.

check back soon and I will have a blog post about my next trip to Costa Rica!